Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eat Out - Nando's

Day 92

Today is Melbourne Cup Day. The most famous Tuesday in Australia where horse racing takes the centre stage. It is a public holiday so Mr Tan is home! :)

We decided to walk around our neighbourhood and check out the restaurants and shops that are in our vicinity. Yes, we have been staying here for almost 2 months and we have not explored our area. Blame it on the weather. Many of the shops are closed due to Melbourne Cup Day and there was nothing much for me to shop. Mr Tan was hungry and we stopped at Nando's for lunch. It was disappointing. Perhaps I have ordered the wrong item on the menu or my expectations were too high but I will not be stepping into another Nando's here. Expensive but nothing special about the food.

Classic Chicken Wrap - $7.10
Only 2 pieces of miserable chicken strips
Quarter Chicken Meal - $11.50
I tried Mr Tan's flame-grilled chicken, it was tender but the portion was pathetic. The quarter chicken alone would set you back $5.90. I am better off having KFC! 
Farewell Nando's!

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