Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gold Class!

Day 663

May has been a busy busy month for us. We are in the midst of selling away our appliances, bedding etc etc, packing our stuff for shipping them back home, donating the clothes that we don't intend to bring home to Salvos and calling up the various service providers to terminate our contracts. Not to mention that Mr Tan is bogged down with plenty of handing over work in the office. No time for blogging! With so many things going on, we decided to give ourselves a little treat! Ta-dah! 

Ever since our first encounter with Gold Class seats back home, we've never returned to normal seating whenever we go for movies. Gold Class is pure bliss. Just like almost everything else here, the Gold Class seats aren't as good as the ones back home. Although I can't wait to go back home, I will definitely miss certain things here. The weather, the penguins, the living space and most importantly, the time that we have for ourselves. Whenever I think about the horrible traffic jams along CTE, overcrowded transport system, obnoxious so-called foreign "talents" and hectic lifestyles that awaits me back home, I can't help but think of running away to another country again. But not Australia. Never.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat Out - Fonda Mexican

Day 649

Our 2nd visit to Fonda Mexican because I'm so in ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with it!! It's so popular that people are still coming in at 9pm and the whole place is super packed. We waited more than 20 minutes for a table and then another 15 minutes for our food. Thankfully Mr Tan wasn't in the hungry mode, otherwise his face would be even "blacker" than charcoal. Of course, I kept telling him how delicious the food is and how happy I am to be able to eat there again. Haha. Damage control. 

A shoutout to everyone who loves Fonda, 
Please STOP going there so that it won't be so packed and I can eat my charred corn and mushroom quesadillas again and again and again without having to wait so long! :P

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Operation "Make Jasmine Drunk"

Day 642

Junlin and Yiing Yiing are going for their honeymoon next week and won't be back until mid June so we had to hold our farewell party for Jasmine way ahead of her actual departure. After the very delicious and filling dinner at Fonda Mexican (I'm so going there again), Operation "Make Jasmine Drunk" started immediately. 

Operation "Make Jasmine Drunk"

1st stop: Der Raum

We nearly walked past it without noticing that we've arrived as it looks nothing like a bar from the outside. It's so exclusive that you have to buzz to get it. Members of Der Raum will get a keypass that allows them to enter freely during the trading hours. For non-members like us, it is a MUST to call and make reservations. Otherwise, there's no way that you will be allowed, even if the bar is empty. (according to Jiaqi) Cocktails are pricey at this multi-award winning bar, at almost $25 each. It's impossible to take pictures in the dimly-lit bar but I do like how dark and cosy it is. But it was so cosy that everyone was starting to feel sleepy, especially after our filling dinner, so we decided to hop to our next stop.

2nd stop: some random bar next to the tram stop
We had to wait 15 minutes for the next tram and the boys suggested heading into the bar next to the tram stop for a drink. Seriously, they can't wait to get her drunk.

3rd stop: Transport Public Bar


Now, the operation was in full swing. The drinks came fast and furious and everyone was taking turns to make Jasmine drink with them. Poor girl had to turn to the dance floor for some solace. That was the only time she managed to take a break. Then it was "drink, drink, drink" all over again. Jasmine kept asking for time-out and it's clear that she's getting tipsy but they aren't going to let her off the hook. The cheeky boys suggested going to a ladies club where we would all chip in for Jasmine to get some private service. King Street, King Street, King Street! Sadly, ladies' club isn't like gentlemen's club where the dancers are available all night and the show was already over at the ladies' club. 

4th stop: Waterside Hotel
So it's off to the next drinking hole - Waterside Hotel. Jasmine kept complaining that she can't drink anymore because she's too bloated and full while our sleeping beauty - Emily, was starting to doze off! A few more drinks and some dancing later, it was again time to hop.

Final stop: Turf Bar
This was our final stop for the night - where the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool was showing. The young and energetic ones played pool while the older folks (Jiaqi, me and the tipsy Jasmine) retreated to one cosy corner for some much needed leg rest. 

Operation "Make Jasmine Drunk" was finally over at 230am. Gosh, I AM DEAD BEAT.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Madness in May

Day 641

After our dinner at Miyako, we joined the girls and boy at Rainbow KTV. We seldom frequent KTV even in SG and this is the first time we're going to one in Melbourne. It's no secret among family and my buddies that I'm tone deaf and can't sing for nuts. MP even laughed at my "Happy Birthday" song because it was so out of tune. Can you believe it? I can go wrong even with Happy Birthday. I'm that tone deaf. LOL. But the girls have been bugging me for the longest time about going with them and since this is the last month that all of us will be in Melbourne, here we are! :) Everyone had so much fun, especially since Mr Tan was in the "dancing and singing" mood. It's been a long while since we were out till 3 in the morning. O-L-D. Period.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eat Out - Miyako

Day 641

Monthly anniversary treat 
Miyako Japanese Restaurant

The Good
- Friendly and wonderful service
- No need to squeeze for elbow space in the spacious and brightly lit restaurant
- Love the tempura, finally I'm getting real tempura and not breaded prawns
- ♥ ♥ ♥ the fresh sashimi!

The Not so Good
- Weird fushion food in the seafood bento. prefer something more authentic
- The crispy duck was the biggest letdown. Even Mr Tan who usually loves everything duck-related doesn't like it. Don't know how to explain the taste in words, all I can say is, don't order it!