Friday, November 19, 2010

Eat Out - Izakaya Chuji (Japanese Food)

Day 109

Mr Tan loves sashimi but I don't eat raw food at all and he finds it no fun eating it alone. Thus, we seldom have jap food but he has been having his sashimi fix during lunch breaks at a jap rest near his workplace. Tonight is the first time I am having jap food since we arrived. The restaurant, Izakaya Chuji, is a 5 min walk away from our apartment.

Izakaya Chuji does not have an extensive menu or a huge range of sushi, I actually find their range rather limited but I have not been to other jap rests so I am not sure if this is the norm here. I ordered Chickendon ($12), Mr Tan ordered Salmon and Veg in Miso Hot Soup ($18). Jasmine ordered Unagidon ($19), Shenton ordered Pork Katsu ($13) and Jiaqi ordered Salmon and Veg in Miso Hot Soup ($18) too.

The food tasted fine but the portion was too little for the guys and Jiaqi. It was just nice for Jasmine and me but the rest of them were still hungry even after polishing their bowls and plates. There was almost no service except to take orders, serve the dishes and clear our plates. We refilled our tea and had to stop one of the waitress to ask for a refill. They prefer to gather at the back of the restaurant instead of going around to serve the diners. Average food + no service = One Time Patronage.

We then went to Max Brenner to satisfy the half-filled stomachs with desserts. Yummy yummy chocolate desserts!

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