Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eat Out - Kedai Satay (Indonesia)

Day 166

After a long day of shopping af DFO, we met Jasmine, Jiaqi and Shenton for dinner at Kedai Satay, an Indonesian eatery that specialises in grilled food. Reached there at 830pm and most of the tables were filled.

Jasmine - Ayam Goreng ($11.80)
Jiaqi - Soto Ayam ($9.80)
Shenton - Grilled Lamb Ribs ($20)
Mr Tan - Nasi uduk Complete ($11.80)
Me - Lontong Sayur ($9.80)

The waitresses were cute and the 2 men promptly left their seat to order the food and went down another 2 times to get plates and order drinks for us. Men! But we aren't complaining...

Food was served pretty quickly and the lamb ribs looked absolutely yummy! The meat was tender and it looked so good that I couldn't resist trying it. I don't eat lamb and this is the first time that I am eating it.

The rest of the food tasted rather ordinary and the ketupat in my lontong was so hard that Mr Tan said it was like rock. The Nasi uduk Complete was rather filling for him and he actually said that he was full after the meal! I think I would rather go to Blok M to have the grilled fish than to eat at Kedai Satay again but Mr Tan would certainly return for the grilled lamb ribs!

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