Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eat Out - Seoul House (Korean BBQ Buffet)

Day 335

It's the third of the month again which means it's time to eat out! Japanese or Korean Buffet? Couldn't decide what to have for dinner. Since we had sushi for lunch, we decided to go for Korean BBQ. Mr Tan was hungry so I ruled out all those that were far and popular so that we won't have to travel too far and wait for our food. Wooga and Hwaro, my preferred choices, are both out. In the end, we chose Seoul House along Russell Street.


We ordered the BBQ Buffet @ $28 per pax. For $28, we can choose from marinated pork ribs, marinated chicken, marinated pork, octopus, squid, mushroms and beef. Also, spring rolls, korean dumplings, soy Bean Soup, steamed rice, lettuce and other side dishes are included in the buffet as well. We ordered the chicken, pork, mushrooms, octopus and pork ribs. It was difficult to tell the chicken from pork as they all look the same. Not only do they look alike, they taste almost the same too. The quality of the meat leaves much to be desired. Look at the picture of the meat and you would know why. It reminded us of the budget Seoul Garden back home, you are going for quantity, not quality. 

Although most of the diners were having BBQ, the place was surprisingly smoke free. We still smell of BBQ but at least we weren't smoked out. The service was good though. Food arrived quickly and they came twice to change our grill. Seoul House is probably good if you are going for quantity but it is a no-no if you want quality in your meat. We wouldn't be going back.
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