Friday, June 10, 2011

Eat Out - Zam Zam Restaurant (Indian)

Day 312

Been to Zam Zam once but was there too late and it was closed. Zam Zam is supposedly quite a popular Indian Muslim restaurant in Singapore, opposite the Sultan Mosque. I'm not sure if this Zam Zam is a branch, they might just share the same name, like the Crystal Jade restaurant. This time round, I wasn't going to be late. So we made our way there right around 6 plus. The moment we stepped into Zam Zam, the smell of the curry put a smile to our faces. Nice. :)

The curries, vegetables, rice and roti are cooked beforehand and are kept warm in the bain marie. Service was friendly and quick. It took us less then 5 minutes to get our food and I was so hungry that I actually finished my food faster than Mr Tan. A clear sign that I'm really hungry. They are very generous with the rice and I could barely finish half of it. The servings of the meat and vegetables are nothing to shout about but it was sufficient to fill me up. I ordered the chilli chicken, curry chicken and long beans. The chilli chicken was not spicy at all, the gravy was red, but not spicy. Mr Tan had mutton curry, chicken curry and long beans. He found them to be average, not wow but acceptable. A few more Indian restaurants to try out before we name our fave!

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