Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eat Out - Biryani House

Day 320

Biryani House - located opposite Flagstaff Gardens, was still busy when we got there around 3pm. Positive sign #1. The small eatery can probably seat 20 people at most but most of the patrons as we observed, came here for takeaways. There was nothing sitting in its bain marie and we initially thought we had made a wasted trip, until we were given the menu. Phew! I guess we went there at a weird timing. Neither lunch nor dinner. Once we were seated, we realised there was no angmoh, only Indians. Positive sign #2.

Guess what we ordered? Biryani of course! Haha. We ordered a serve of Chicken Biryani, Prata and Lamb Curry to share. There was a handwritten "OR" written on the Lamb Biryani picture and we soon understood why. The Biryani comes with a side of either yoghurt OR curry but we didn't know until we asked for the curry. The man then said, "So you don't want the yoghurt?" we know. Mr Tan wasn't asked which he wanted when he placed the order though so I guess you are given the yoghurt by default.


The Chicken Biryani was served in a beautiful bowl. We initially thought there was only a chicken drumstick in the bowl but no, it was a maryland, hidden under the light basmati rice. The maryland was so tender and flavourful. The best thing was, it was spicy! Yum! I didn't try the lamb curry but according to Mr Tan, it was spicy too and he mopped up all the curry with his prata. The prata was cooked on the spot and thus it was hot and crisp though it's still doesn't taste like the prata we're used to having back home. 1 more month and I can have my fave mushroom and cheese prata at Bukit Timah!

The food's good and prices are reasonable. It has been 4 hours but we're still full from the meal and I doubt we'll be able to have our dinner anytime soon. Thumbs up for Biryani House!

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