Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eat Out - Flora Indian Restaurant & Cafe

Day 209

Went QV market today to get pomfret for steaming next week and they were really small but it should be enough for Mr Tan. On the spur of the moment, we decided to get some pipis too. Will talk more about them in the next post. After marketing, we went to Flora Indian Restaurant for a late lunch. Mr Tan wasn't hungry so we ordered a Large Combo 2 ($11.90) and a mango lassi ($3) to share.

Though Flora is a place for cheap Indian food, the place is clean and spacious. No oily utensils, no oily tables, no oily floor. And there were many Indians diners, a positive sign that the good is good. The lady who took my order was friendly and nice. For some reasons, I was smiling happily as I walked back to our table.

Large Combo 2 consists of 2 pieces of roti or naan, 2 curries, 1 veg curry and 1 daal. I requested for 1 roti, 1 naan, chicken curry, lamb curry, potota and chickpea curry and daal. There was an option for spicy or medium chicken and lamb curry and I opted for everything to be spicy!


+ The naan was made to order so it was hot and fresh!
+ The chicken was really tender and moist
+ Mr Tan said the lamb curry was yum
- I thought the chicken curry was too salty
- The curries weren't spicy, a little disappointed about that
- The portion for the curries were too little, it was only enough for half the naan

This is the first Indian restaurant that we've been to so I'm not sure how it compares to others but overall, I had a pleasant dining experience at Flora. :) Will be trying out other Indian restaurants soon!

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