Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat Out - Ajisen Ramen & Gogo Sushi (Japanese)

Day 292

We've been having jap food for the last 2 Fridays and I think this is going to last for a few more Fridays. Still waiting to get The Entertainment Book from Jiaqi and can't wait to put it to good use! 

The weather is getting colder and I had a carving for Ajisen's volcano sauce last Friday. It's a must-have whenever I dine at Ajisen in Singapore, regardless of what ramen I'm having. I just love the flavourful and spicy sauce. Yum! Thankfully there was a table available when we reached Ajisen, it was pretty packed even though it was only 6pm. The menu is a little different from SG's and they didn't have the combo sets that we always order. The ramen being offered were also slightly different, they didn't have Hotate Ramen so I went with Tori Karaage Ramen with a serving of volcano sauce. Mr Tan decided to go with Char-grilled Beef Ramen while Jasmine had the Tonkatsu Ramen. I also ordered takoyaki to share. The tempura looks very tempting butI know I won't be able to finish it so that would have to wait till next time.

Having a bowl of hot ramen in cold weather is a perfect combi. The soup immediately warmed me up. Though the sauce wasn't as flavourful as the SG's rendition, it did give me the spicy kick that I craved. The Tori Karaage was delicious. The egg was hard boiled and the yolk wasn't the soft and runny type. Sad. But luckily the noodles were firm and suited me well as I don't like soggy noodles. It might not be touted as the best ramen in Melbourne, but it is my preferred choice for now. I have not tried Ramen Ya and Kenzan but both Jasmine and Mr Tan who had tried Ramen Ya found it to be rather average. It's really up to individual's preferences I guess. The takoyaki was ordinary, nothing to wow about. I miss SG's takoyaki so much! With lots of katsuoboshi and mayonnaise!


Last night was sushi night. We were deciding between Yoyogi and Gogo sushi. In the end, we went with Gogo because it was nearly empty. Haha. Mr Tan would always choose the place with lesser people so he won't have to wait for his food and he can eat in peace. For me, I would avoid those places as there must be a reason why no one is eating there! We didn't know if the sushi will be fresh as we decided to try out a plate of sashimi first. That would decide if we stay or leave. Passed! It was fresh and the 2 japanese waitress were really polite and efficient. Thumbs up! They don't have the exotic sushi that we have at Kaiten, the presentation weren't as pretty and the whole deco was really simple but the quality of the food was acceptable. My only complaint is that the variety is too little. I wasn't really full but there really isn't any other food to order and it isn't cheap either. Eating at sushi trains are expensive, the cheapest plate costs $2.50 and Tamago's the only one on that coloured plate. Most of what we had cost at least $4 per plate and the total bill came up to $70. Perhaps that's why sushi trains aren't popular here. They are an expensive affair and if you are going to indulge yourself in it, why not go for the better ones?

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