Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Full Saturday

Day 565

How a Super Full Saturday Looks Like : 
- Rise and Shine
- Food @ 109
- Lay paralysed on the sofa for the next 2 hours (a result of too much food)
- Fell asleep (again, due to too much food - all the blood was channelled to digest the food)
- Woke up
- Food @ Thanh Phong
- Food @ Stokers
- Walking around in my apartment, hoping to digest the food faster!


The homemade brunch @ 109 was HUGE. Mr Tan had 2 croissants, 2 hashbrowns, 3 scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms and I had sauteed mushrooms, wilted spinach, 1 hashbrown and ham and cheese croissant. I thought I was able to finish 2 croissants and once again, I overestimated my stomach and ended up only having the ham and cheese. We were so full that we could hardly move. Slowly, slowly, we drifted into dreamland. zzzZZzZZZzzZ...


Woke up at 7 to get ready for dinner @ Thanh Phong. Jiaqi loves their Cambodian egg noodles and said it was kinda like our Ba Chor Mee. The minute we heard that, all of us ordered that for dinner. Haha. That's how much we miss Ba Chor Mee. Mr Tan is dying to have his fave Mee Pok every day when he returns to SG. The Cambodian noodles were nothing like our Ba Chor Mee because there's no chilli! That being said, it was delicious, definitely something that we'll order again. YUM! We also ordered prawn spring rolls and prawn pancake which were both good. The spring rolls were really small, probably the size as my index finger but the pancake as big as the plate! Once again, we were stuffed. But we are still going for desserts!


Using the Entertainment Book 1-for-1 voucher, we went Stokers for pancakes. It's a really nice and cosy place but sadly the pancakes were expensive and sucky. We had strawberries, cherries, rum banana and chocolate peach. The chocolate peach was really bad. Chocolate and peach doesn't work for us and none of us wanted to have a 2nd bite of it. The strawberries were more like sour berries and the only saving grace was the ice cream. At almost $13 per plate, there's no way we're going back.

With so much food going into my system every weekend, my gym classes seem so
insignificant. Sigh. I MUST slim down before I return to SG, Super Full Saturday shall be a monthly affair or perhaps it should never happen again!

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