Friday, January 20, 2012

Eat Out - By Korea

Day 536

Mr Tan had a really long day in office today and one of his staff, D, nearly drove him nuts. Mr Tan waited in office till 7pm for D to complete a piece of work and he was so mad because he told D to get it done since 9am this morning! Oh well, welcome to Melbourne. We finally made it to dinner around 730 with Jasmine. Since Jasmine has no preference about anything and I really mean anything, it was all up to me. I had a craving for Tteokbokki so it's Korean tonight. We walked down La Trobe and popped into the first Korean restaurant we saw - By Korea. 

Tonight's menu
Seafood Pajeon
Chicken Bulgogi
Kimchi Stew

The Tteokbokki was flavourful but a little too spicy for me and even though I prefer Oriental Spoon's Tteokbokki, it still satisfied my craving for chewy rice cakes. Yum! :) As I bit into each rice cake, Mr Tan kept saying, "不知道是谁说她要减肥 hor?" Argh...I know I should be avoiding carbos but it's just so irresistibleeeeeeeee!

The Chicken Bulgogi looks huge but looks are deceiving. The bulk of the dish was made up of vegetables and only the top layer was chicken. That being said, it was still a good dish with the right amount of spiciness. This was the only dish that we finished, not sure if it's because there was so little chicken or we were just too hungry for meat!

Both the pajeon and stew were disappointing. There was too much flour and not enough egg for the pajeon and it was bland and kinda tasteless. The stew wasn't to our liking either. Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes tonight but I doubt we'll be returning to give it another chance.

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